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Are Timber Shop Fronts still relevant in the society?

Timber has successfully passed the test of time. Timber store fronts are popular for providing a classy and vintage look. They tend to appear more professional in appearance. They are the perfect choice for any traditional theme-based decor. Timber facade can be commonly seen in areas that follow a conventional vibe. Yet, it is a also a popular choice for clubs and restaurants. One of the significant benefits of timber is that it can be hand crated to give an establishment a distinctive look. This liberty is hard to achieve in other types of shopfront options.

Timber shopfronts are crafted out of top quality plywood for its sturdiness. To give your storefronts a unique essence, you can paint them, double gaze or stain with varnish. Glazing bars, as well as solid panel doors, can increase the aesthetic appeal of your wooden facade. However, we at Solid Shutter install timber shopfronts as per the client specification.

Are you still not sure about this shopfront option? You can look around and would still find famous lanes and localities prefer timber shop fronts in London. This option could just never go away from the list. A wooden shopfront enables you to add to the theme of your establishment. Apart from old localities, this shopfront option is highly preferred in the modern areas by people who want to support their traditional heritage, backgrounds or historical values. As timber shop fronts London service providers, we have found that people are opting for wood as their store front instead of aluminium. Why wouldn’t they, as its advantages are many.

Advantage of having a timber shopfront

As we said, wood storefronts can be hand crated. Which gives it a very different and appealing appearance. People love when their imagination can take the shape of reality. And that’s possible with a wooden facade. The precision is quite hard to achieve in aluminium or glass shopfronts. Wood adds a different value to your brick and mortar location. Again, its artistic appeal and glaze cannot be achieved with other shopfront options. However, the creative design of timber storefronts can really make your business stand out from the rest.

Moreover, wood can never be the wrong option when you make up your mind to stick on traditional aesthetics. All you have to do is get the best vintage theme timber shopfront for it to do the tricks. Some of the other popular benefits of timber storefronts are that they last long, super easy to maintain, strong and provides protection. It is also the best option to increase footfalls.

Studies show that shopfronts have a psychological impact on a passerby. It is a great advertising option to attract the attention of a potential buyer. Moreover, timber storefronts work as the best advertising agent when you team it up with toughened glass. It enables you to showcase your products 24/7, even when your store is close. Thus, a wooden storefront is not only aesthetically pleasing for the street but also an asset that brings your business new customers.

In case you are looking for the best wooden shopfront London service providers, we are here to help!

Solid Shutter is your trusted team who not only effectively install timber shopfronts but also repair them in case of an emergency. If you want to upgrade your historic legacy with modern amenities, Solid Shutter is the right team to contact. All you have to do is give us a call and get your business a shopfront that makes it stand apart from others with its aesthetically appealing woodwork.

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